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 Francis Fund Guidelines

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1. Scholarships of $50.00 to $500.00 for adults (18 and out of high school and over) as well as scholarships of $50.00 to $300.00  for youth will be made to registered and active parishioners of a parish in of the Diocese of Greensburg who wish to register for courses, conferences, or seminars that will enhance their professional competency, spirituality, or enrichment, and may need financial assistance to attend the event. The scholarship may be applied up to 100% of registration fees only. The Francis Fund expects that the individuals and local parish community will manage expenses associated with travel, meals, or accommodations costs. This parameter will allow the Francis Fund to support the greatest number of scholarship applications.

2. Employees of the Diocese of Greensburg Pastoral Center/Christ Our Shepherd Center/Catholic Charities are not eligible for a Francis Fund grant.

3. Scholarship applications must be received together with your registration form on the last day of August, October, December, February, April, June.

4. The Francis Fund will pay scholarship funds for registration fees directly to the sponsoring organization on behalf of the individual recipients. It is not the policy of the Francis Fund to reimburse individuals any registration fees.

5. Francis Fund applications must be received before the first day of the event for which you are applying. Once an event begins, grant applications will not be accepted for that event.

6. An applicant may apply for multiple scholarships during the year, but may not exceed the scholarship limit of $500 for adults and $300 for youth for the year.

7. Scholarship funding will only be awarded to individuals attending programs that are consistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

8. Individuals attending programs that have received grants from the Francis Fund are ineligible to apply for scholarships.

9. Scholarship requests are presented to the Francis Fund Review Committee. The Review Committee will make recommendations of approvals for scholarship applications to the Administrator. The final decision rests with the Francis Fund Administrator.

10. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the Francis Fund Review Committee and the applicant will be notified.

11. To be considered for future funding, a scholarship recipient must file a Reflection on the event attended before the next application deadline. The Reflection must be filed before they apply for a future scholarship.

12. If a scholarship recipient is unable to attend a program it is expected that the recipient will reimburse the scholarship amount to the Francis Fund. Scholarships are not transferrable from one individual to another. It is required, even if a substitute is found, that each individual scholarship application must be approved by the Review Committee and Administrator.

13. Adults applying for a scholarship to attend a youth ministry event must submit with their application a copy of their Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Check, Pennsylvania Child Abuse Registry Check, FBI Clearances, Virtus, Mandated & Permissive Reporting Training, and Diocese of Greensburg Pastoral Code of Conduct Sign-off. Failure to submit a complete application packet will result in the scholarship being automatically denied.

14. Youth applying for a scholarship to attend a youth ministry event, who turn eighteen (18) and graduate from high school prior to the event, must include a copy of all of the above documents. Failure to submit a complete application packet will result in the scholarship being automatically denied.

15. Youth applying for a scholarship to attend an event that is not sponsored by the Diocese of Greensburg are required to attend at least one in-house diocesan sponsored event within the past twelve months of the application.

16. The ratio of 1 adult to 7 youth is the norm in the Diocese of Greensburg for chaperones for youth ministry events. No matter the size of your group we will fund the first two adults, but we will not fund a third adult unless there are at least 15 youths. We will not fund a fourth adult unless there are 22 youths, etc. If the event you are attending upholds a different ratio, please note on your application and send a copy of the information directly from the event coordinator.

Questions about the Francis Fund Scholarships should be addressed to the Office of Faith, Family, and Discipleship at 724-837-0901 or

 How to Apply for Scholarships

1.   Complete online application at

2.   If you are attending an non-diocesan event, please email a copy of your registration to

3.  You will receive notice by the 15th of the awards made month.

It is important to note that anyone age 18 and over (and out of high school) who will participate in an event with youth must have:

  • Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Report
  • Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance
  • FBI Criminal History Report with fingerprinting
  • VIRTUS Training
  • Mandated & Permissive Reporting Training
  • Diocese of Greensburg Pastoral Code of Conduct Sign-off