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Echoes of Faith is a partnership between RCL/Benziger and the National Conference of Catechetical Leaders to assist you in your theological, spiritual, and practical formation. These online courses are an option to complete six of the Diocesan Certification courses, as well as the Orientation for any new catechists and teachers.

The cost of a license is $16.00. The license will be good for one year from the date of your first log on. The three courses in the Catechist Module will be equivalent with Orientation. The six courses in the Theological Module will be equivalent with: Creed, Sacraments, Liturgy and Prayer, Morality, Scripture, and Ecclesiology.

​Catechist Modules in Echoes of Faith
Diocesan Equivalent
​All Catechist Modules
​Diocesan Orientation Level

Theology Modules in Echoes of Faith
​Diocesan Equivalent
​I Believe/We Believe
​Liturgy and Sacraments
​Catholic Morality
​Prayer and Spirituality
​Liturgy and Prayer
​The Scriptures
​Scripture, Permanent Certification Course
​The Church

 Purchase a License

The procedure to purchase licenses is as follows:

  1. Pay Online:

    Register for license 🗗

    Or, Pay by Check:

    • Email Jackie Mignogna at to order and reserve the number of licenses that you would like to purchase.
    • Send payment for all licenses with a check made payable to: Diocese of Greensburg. Include in your payment an email address in which we may send your activation codes.
    • Mail your payment to:
      Jackie Mignogna
      Echoes of Faith Licenses
      723 East Pittsburgh Street
      Greensburg, PA 15601

  2. Once we receive payment, we will email activation codes to the address included in your payment. These may then be distributed to those who you ordered the licenses for.

  3. After receiving the codes from you, the catechists may log on to, click on Member login, click on create a new account. Then fill in the required information.  Email Jackie at when your account is set up. We will add you to the correct group with the name – Diocese of ​Greensburg.

  4. As a catechist works through a class it is very important that at the end of each page that they work on in a class that they hit the save button! This is the way to save their work. If they do not hit save, any work they do on a class will be lost.

  5. At the end of the class you must take the evaluation. After you take the evaluation you must SUBMIT the evaluation. Then, you must click YES to save and submit the evaluation.

  6. Any time a catechist returns to the website after the first log-in a catechist will fill in the information under Returning To The Website to continue where they left of at their last log out.

  7. Your account will indicate each class you have completed. You can find this by clicking on Other Links and then click on My Modules Completed. When your account indicates your class is completed, e-mail Jackie Mignogna. After your journal and evalutaion are reviewed, we will then assign you a sign-out code to enter into MyHalo.

  8. Please direct your questions first to Jackie. If she cannot answer your questions she will then direct you to Tech Support.

Thank you for your attention and interests. We wish you and your catechists all the best in this new training and certification adventure.​