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 Social Ministry

​The Office for Pro Life Ministry and Advocacy invites individuals to address both immediate social, and community needs in their areas, and to work to build a just and peaceful society. The parish is truly Catholic when it proclaims the Gospel, lives through service to others, as well as when each member of the faith community reflects on Catholic social teaching and puts that teaching into practice.

 Advocacy Network Development

IMG_5576.JPGThe goal of social ministry is to help the people of our region utilize their knowledge and skill to reach the needs of their neighbors, respond to adversity in effective ways, and work in improving structures for keeping people out of impoverished situations. The Office for Pro-Life Ministry and Advocacy encourages one another to work together to build a just and peaceful society by addressing both immediate community concerns, and long-range social improvements.

Community leaders are encouraged to take advantage of the following programs:

  1. Leadership training for the development of planning, organizational, and communication skills.
  2. Legislative education and advocacy training to develop networks of informed leaders who work together to promote just legislation.
  3. Initial ministry formation for those who are beginning a ministry to the bereaved, the elderly, the homebound, persons with disabilities, refugees, or other persons in need.
  4. Ongoing formation to those already involved in ministry with the provision of regional or diocesan workshops, information presentations, or evenings of reflection.

For additional information, please contact Rev. Daniel Carr at 724-552-2585.

 Workshop Topics

The following is a list of workshop topics, which is not all inclusive. Community leaders are invited to collaborate with the social ministry office in planning workshops tailored to meet their needs.

  • Crisis Pregnancy Programs
  • Fertility Technology
  • Poverty Issues: Food, Clothing, or Furniture Collections and Shelter Projects
  • Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Medical Decisions Documents
  • Ministry for People with Disabilities
  • Post Abortion Ministry/Project Rachel
  • Social Advocacy
  • Senior Enrichment
  • Immigration Affairs
Contact Rev. Daniel Carr with any questions by email or at 724-552-2585.