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 Play Like a Champion Today® Coaches Clinic

cyo-workshops-volleyball-2017.jpgAll Play Like a  Champion Today coach clinics utilize the GROW approach. Goals + Relationships + Ownership = Winning

Using the GROW approach, coaches leave coaching Clinics with the preparation required to build a team that succeeds on the field, and to guide young athletes to mature into people with strong moral fiber and healthy lifestyles. Results show that the Play Like a Champion Today approach to coaching leads to an improved sport experience for all: 

  • Children are happier in sports and stay active for more years in sports.
  • Coaches gain an increased sense of pride in the work they are doing as ministers of the church.
  • Parents report greater satisfaction with their child's youth sports experience.
  • Officials feel respected and appreciated.
  • League administrators enjoy the benefits of having professionally prepared coaches committed to the distinct Catholic mission of their league.
To request a Coach Training at your school or parish, please call 724-552-2594.

 Parent Like a Champion Today Parent Workshop

The Parent Like a Champion workshop helps parents to navigate through the high pressured and often confusing youth sport environment. Parents who attend this workshop learn how to help their children enjoy their athletic experience and to develop as athletes and as people. 

Parent Like a Champion also teaches parents what to expect from a quality sports program and how coaches should treat all of the children on their teams.
Finally, Parent Like a Champion​ ​​raises the level of sideline behavior by giving parents clear directions for ensuring supportive fan behavior during their children’s games. Parent Like a Champion workshops are presented by trained-trainers in local organizations.
To request a Parent Workshop at your school or parish, please call 724-552-2594.