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 Sources of Financial Aid

​The Diocese of Greensburg utilizes FACTS Grant and Aid​ to determine financial aid eligibility.

Saint Pope John Paul II Tuition Opportunity Partnership

A groundbreaking scholarship opportunity established for students who wish to attend a Catholic school in the Diocese of Greensburg called the Saint Pope John Paul II Tuition Opportunity Partnership. The TOP student initiative was founded by an anonymous donor, himself a product of a Catholic education who was profoundly influenced by Saint Pope John Paul II. The donor believes his faith, education and moral foundation gave him a great advantage in life. He, along with more than 100 others have become strong supporters of Catholic schools. Now, more than $4 million in scholarships and tuition assistance is available for the 12 Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Greensburg. 

Learn more about Becoming a TOP Student

Parish Supported Financial Aid Fund

A significant amount of financial aid is available as a result of the generosity of Catholics from the four counties of the diocese. These funds ensure parishes have been entrusted for the sacred works of the Catholic Church. This funds ensures that Catholic schools remain affordable to all families that desire such an education.

Diocesan Endowment Funds
Only the interest monies from these endowments are used to fund tuition assistance, while the principal amount of the endowment remains intact.

  1. St. Gerard Financial Aid Endowment Fund: A $1.5 million donation was received from a generous local family. Since the family wishes to remain anonymous, the name St. Gerard was chose as the fund's name.
  2. Diocesan Financial Aid Endowment: This endowment is funded by $2.5 million in gifts through the Honoring Our Past...Shaping Our Future capital campaign, and receives nearly $100,000 per year from the diocese and the Catholic Schools Week special collection held in diocesan parishes
The Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC)
Students are eligible for scholarships from this state-sponsored program if their household income is not more than $100,608 (for a family with one child). That eligibility requirement rises $15,608 for each additional child.  Students who live within the boundaries of a low-achieving school, as determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and meet income requirements also are eligible to receive scholarships.

School Tuition Assistance
​Many schools have successful development and fund-raising programs that can be significant sources of tuition assistance for families at the local school level.